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Washington, D.C.

Stained Glass


Add time-proven beauty to your home or business

Imagine your space enlivened by beautiful stained glass. Sidelights and transoms surrounding your entry door draw your visitors inside, and address panels identify "this is the place." Feature interior panels add elegance or whimsy, let more light in or keep prying eyes out.  Lamps designed to match your décor brighten the corners.  Store window signs draw your customers inside.  

Classic patterns, nature scenes, geometrics, clear beveled designs, and interpretations of your favorite art -- we custom-design them all to enhance your décor. 

Our portfolio

From external windows and internal feature panels, to cabinet doors, lamps, and innovative gift ideas -- see the custom stained glass projects we have designed and built for other customers.

Notice to other stained glass artists:  All designs on this website are copyrighted by Inia Burginger. Please contact her to purchase any pattern to use in your projects. 

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New windows and artworks

Creating custom stained glass artworks involves many steps, from developing a design you will love; to hand-cutting and -shaping each piece, and assembling and finishing the project; and finally, installing the windows and internal panels at your premise. Here are details of what you can expect: 

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Glass breaks, including stained glass.  Old stained glass windows sag over time.  We can repair most stained glass windows, lamps, interior panels, sun catchers, and other items to their former beauty. 


District of Columbia Historic Districts

The D.C. Historic Preservation Office provides careful stewardship of the historic nature of many district communities.  If your premise is in a designated Historic District, special laws and design guidelines governing changes to your external windows, and occasionally to internal spaces, may apply.  

We will discuss your options at our initial consultation. In most cases, we can design and install a stained glass window that sits inside your existing clear window. We can work directly with you on this process without the involvement of a contractor.  However, if your project includes altering an existing window or the glass currently in it, or installing a new window opening, we will work with your contractor to provide the information needed for your building permit application. Our fee for such consultation services is $75 per hour.