Windows To Your Soul

Burginger Stained Glass
& Photographs
Washington, D.C.

The Custom Process

Custom stained glass window in progress.  Copyright 2018 by Inia Burginger.

We will involve you in all steps of the stained glass project to ensure your final satisfaction.  Here's what you can expect:

Step 1 -- Design
We develop the design from a number of different sources:   

  • Your imagination and home decorating scheme
  • Our design expertise 
  • Photos of other stained glass windows and items
  • Pattern books 
  • A combination of all these resources. 

If we use an existing pattern as-is, there is no design fee.  If we need to adjust a pattern to your project's size and configuration or you bring us a pattern you like, the fee is $75 to adjust the pattern.  If we create a custom design for you, including adjusting the design components of stock patterns, the fee is up to $150 per window or item.  This up-front fee indicates you're serious about the project.  Building costs are calculated separately.    

We -- or your contractor -- will measure the window opening's exact dimensions. We then develop the design based on your specifications, and present it to you to approve before beginning to build the panel.

The final step in the design process is selecting the glass colors and styles that will make up your window. We generally do this with you in our studio, where we show you actual glass samples, to ensure a realistic vision.

Step 2 -- Build
We'll calculate the price based on your final design choice. Prices range from $125 and up per square foot, depending on the complexity of the design and number of bevels or other special features.

After you approve the design and glass selections, and pay 1/2 of the final price, we will hand-build the project. You pay the final 1/2 when the window or project is finished and delivered to you.

Step 3 -- Install
We can arrange installation of your new panel, at $100-$150 per window, or you can have your own contractor do it (in which case we will require a breakage waiver). Installation charges are in addition to the design and build fees. Items shipped will add shipping costs and, for larger items, crating costs.

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