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Burginger Stained Glass
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Washington, D.C.

About Us

At Machu Picchu. Copyright 2017 by Virginia Burginger. All rights reserved.

The studio

Burginger Stained Glass & Photographs is located in the Takoma area of Washington, D.C., in the eclectic and creative DC Arts Studios. We believe that every person benefits by being surrounded with beauty that speaks to your individual soul. We strive to provide artworks in stained glass and travel photographs that enhance your lives and surroundings.    

The artist

Inia Burginger has been a stained glass artist for more than thirty years.  She has lived in California, Arizona, and Washington, D.C., in the U.S. and in Barcelona, Spain.  Believing that experiencing different cultures broadens our understanding of all humanity, she has traveled extensively internationally, her trusty camera capturing memories and beauty all along the way.  Her love of SCUBA diving takes her to places both below and above the ocean's surface that most people never visit -- again, with her trusty underwater camera capturing beauty and fascinating life all along the way. Each of her photos is a window to her soul.   

Customer kudos

Here are some actual comments left by recent clients:

-- "You did a GREAT job of matching all the color schemes together. The color of the plane was spot on and how you pieced together those small intricate pieces was truly amazing. Add to that the size of the overall piece and I just was awe-struck. Thank you again for your meticulous attention to detail."  Mark D., Cleveland, TN. 6/12/18

-- "Inia- you did an amazing job on our windows. You are an inspiration!"  Barbara K., McLean, VA  6/3/18  

-- "Everyone here is *very* impressed with your work."  Mark B., University City, MD. 5/10/18  

-- "The beautiful stained glass Fawn Treasure Box arrived today and I am thrilled. You did an absolutely wonderful job on the on it. You certainly have the artistic talent!"  Julie S., Colorado Springs, CO.  4/6/18  

-- "She consistently performs at a level that is superior to other stained glass producers."  Karen A., Show Low, AZ.  3/26/18